Clutter and Chaos or Clear and Calm


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A cluttered home or office can lead to frustration, time lost, money spent unnecessarily and even a sense of despair! I’m going to spend the next few weeks writing about some pointers on how to get rid of the clutter, how to control it and how to keep it out of your space!


Love It, Use It and Need It. Every item in your house or office should fall under at least two of these three commands. If you love it, it deserves a place of honor in your space, not boxed up or covered up by a load of other stuff. If you use it or need it, find a handy home for it and keep it there (more on that later). DO NOT KEEP STUFF OUT OF GUILT OR JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE GAVE IT TO YOU. This if YOUR space, not a museum for family heirlooms you don’t love, use or need. A gift should not be given with strings attached – if there are strings, it’s not a freely given gift. Donate, sell or (gasp) throw it away. You’re allowed!

Keep “Love it, Use it and Need it” in mind when you’re shopping in order to keep unnecessary clutter from even coming in.

Rebecca Miller
Space For Life
Professional Organizer

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