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Monday Get It Done DayMonday is the key day of the week for those worried about time management. Most people are too busy whining about Monday and are just trying to find motivation to get things rolling. If you’re prepared, organized, and ready for the day you can really get ahead by utilizing Monday which will allow you to get your week started on the right foot. If all possible, do a little bit of organizing and planning on Sunday or Sunday evening so when Monday comes, it’s Monday get it done day.

Routing is the thing. Find a day and time where you can allow yourself an hour or two to plan out your week. If you’re able to make a list of all the things you’d like to accomplish that week, you’ll be able to fill in available time slots to get these things done. Keep in mind that life will sometimes get in the way and it often takes a little more time to get things done than expected. Make sure you allow yourself that extra time to get these things done. You may have to use some quick thinking along the way to shift things around, but at least when you’re organized you can get most of the things done on your list.

Prioritize what is most important for you to accomplish in a timely manner. When you’re writing your To Do list, write a star next to the items you need to pay close attention to and need to get done early. That way these items will stand out when you’re browsing your list. Take these starred items and place them on your calendar for when you need to get them accomplished. Once again, keep in mind that life will throw you a curve ball from time to time, so don’t pencil these things in to do at the last minute. Avoid the stress. Plan things out to get things done early and often. Have a great Monday Get It Done Day!

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